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Thursday, Oct. 17

Police responded to First Street and Elm Street for a Native American male lying in the roadway. When police attempted to speak with him he got very upset and started to walk away yelling profanities at them. Because of the time of night and the location being a residential neighborhood, the police determined that the male’s actions were creating a disturbance. The male became uncooperative and was resisting arrest. The officer’s were able to get the male into the back of the patrol vehicle. Another officer said he had dealt with the male earlier because he was yelling at people on Main Street. The male continued to be uncooperative until they arrived at the jail. The male was charged with disturbing the peace.

Sunday, Oct. 20

An officer was patrolling west of Hibbett Sports when he noticed a male and a female. The male was walking around in a mud puddle and the female appeared to be searching for something; both appeared intoxicated. The female told the officer they were walking from Durango to Arizona, and they were trying to find something she lost. The woman said she did not have her ID and kept changing the year she was born. The officer explained to the woman that she needed to stop lying to him and to tell him her real name and date of birth. The woman sighed and pulled her ID out of her pocket and told the officer she just didn’t want to go to jail. The woman had an active warrant and was placed into custody.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Dispatch aired a disturbance call located at the Sleeping Ute Apartments and said a male suspect already left the house and may be walking down the street. When police arrived a female answered the door and was extremely upset and crying. The woman told the police that her and her boyfriend had shared some alcohol during the evening and then began arguing about her kids when her boyfriend got mad and started pushing her. The officer asked her how she got a black eye, and she said her boyfriend head-butted her. She also said the bedroom door was broken because he pushed her into the door, and it broke. The officer questioned the woman’s 12-year-old child, she said she saw her mom’s boyfriend push her mom and tried to get them to stop fighting and called the police. The male suspect was not found at the time of the report. There was enough evidence to issue a warrant for the male for third-degree assault and domestic violence.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

An officer arrived at a residence for a disturbance. The officer spoke with two females who were sisters. They had an argument that never got physical and decided to separate for the night. The officer ran both females through dispatch to check for wants and warrants. One of the sisters came back as clear, and the other showed no record. The woman corrected the spelling of her last name; dispatch advised they found somebody with a similar name and a close date of birth. The officer asked the woman’s sister what her date of birth was, dispatch checked that date of birth and found that the woman had two active warrants out of Grand Junction. The woman said she lied about her date of birth because her 13-year-old daughter was nine months pregnant, and she wanted to be there for the birth. The woman was arrested and transported to the jail.

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