Free MCHD to tap into grant funding


It is a fact that vibrant economies are dependent on strong health care and education systems. Right now, our local hospital district is unable to take advantage of grants to improve and expand our local health services, and that puts our community at a disadvantage. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights was passed in 1992, at the beginning of nearly a decade of record economic growth in Colorado. When the recession hit in 2001, tax revenues fell. By 2005, Colorado’s economy was making strong gains again. TABOR’s ratchet effect prevented government and special districts from using these growing revenues, imposing a limit of 5.5 percent revenue limit above the previous year.

So even when the economy is strong and revenues are growing, we might not have enough money to fund the services we need and deserve. The Montezuma County Hospital District is one of the few special districts left in Colorado that is still beholden to TABOR spending restrictions. Over the past 20 years, our fellow Coloradans in other communities have freed their special districts from these restrictions, voting to allow 90 percent of their special districts to keep revenue above TABOR limitations. Their hospital districts can apply for and use grant monies to expand and improve their health care services, without raising taxes. Our community deserves the same. Please vote “yes” on MCHD 5D.

Board of Directors, Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce