Alexander family has enriched the valley

I came close to writing about the Alexanders when I wrote about Oen Edgar Noland.

Thomas Alexander was born in January 1862 and was a resident of Summit Ridge for 27 years. He married Marguerite Creevan in 1885 and spent much of his life working as a carpenter. He passed away in 1932 and left behind a daughter, Mrs. Steve Elkins (the wife of the hunter I wrote about last week) and a son, James "Boe" Alexander.

Boe Alexander was born in 1891 and loved cattle and the outdoors. Among his many activities, he was a State Maintenance Highway Patrolman and a school bus driver. He married Callie Noland in 1914. They had five daughters: Genevieve, Kathleen, Eloise, Nancy and Tommy Lou, and one son, Noland, who married Betty Beers and had a daughter named Gwen, who had a son named Boe.

Noland and Betty also had a son named Kent, who was born in November 1950. He died in June 1952 in the Greeley hospital, where he was taken for treatment and observation. Noland and Betty also had a son named Brent. Noland "Nodie" was a farmer and served for many years on the Empire Electric board. Even though using an electric wheelchair, Nodie enjoys life and is a regular attendee at the Mancos Senior Center.

Callie Noland Alexander was the fifth child of Caroline Mitchell and Oen Edgar Noland. She was 2 weeks old when her mother died, leaving four children younger than age 13. She had fond memories of spending summers at her father's trading post southwest of Cortez. Callie passed away in January 1990.

Tommy Lou was a daughter of Boe and Callie. She was born in 1932 and graduated from Mancos High two years ahead of me in 1950. During her life, she became an excellent musician. She passed away in Leadville, where she had pneumonia, which was followed by a heart attack. She passed away in November 1973.

Genevieve was a daughter of Boe and Callie's. She was born in January 1915 and married William "Bill" McGregor. She had her parent's sense of humor and was a strong woman with a tremendous heart. She passed away in December 1984. A daughter, Judith, preceded her in death. Two sons, James F. (Mac and Ann), Robert and Debra Paddock survived her. Debbie passed away about three years ago. Bill McGregor worked for the U.S. government for 15 years before working at the Ohio Match factory until his retirement. Death came in 1974 while he was in the mountains working mining claims.

Kathleen was a daughter of Boe and Callie's. She was born in March 1920 and married Gilmer Newsome in 1937. She was survived by a daughter, Sandra Kay. She passed away in September 1978.

The valley has been enriched by the presence of the Alexander family.

Darrell Ellis is a longtime historian of the Mancos Valley. Email him at dnrls@