WE-4 will play at Distillery

Mancos Valley Distillery presents WE-4, a quartet that plays blues, swing, Motown and pop, plays at 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 15.

Cat Hill: Lead vocalist Hill exploded onto the local scene with the six-piece swing band "Chicken Shack," wowing audiences with her fiery and versatile stylings. She brings to WE-4 a spicy mix of blues, swing, Motown and pop. Of WE-4 she says, "Seems this music should be outlawed it's so much fun."

Herb Folsem: Folsem had toured the Deep South on vaudeville and medicine show circuits. Recent venues with Bluegrass Aliens and Roscoe have drawn critical acclaim. He brings a driving guitar, infectious grin and strong stage presence to each performance.

Linda Gimble Baker: Years of playing in a musical family, including swing fiddle legend Johnny Gimble, has honed a virtuosity that her fan base loves. Always in demand, she has made recent appearances with "Chicken Shack" and "Blue Coyote."

Tony Littlejohn: Escaping to Colorado from an orphanage in Los Angeles, guitarist Littlejohn landed in the high-profile swing band Caledonia, in which he doubled on trombone and sword-swallowing. Now, he croons along with Cat and the gang in a mad mix of hits from yesteryear.