Sheriff Blotter

Tuesday, Nov. 12

While patrolling eastbound on Road G an officer observed a black Saturn coupe sitting at the intersection of Road G and Road 25. The officer recognized the vehicle from a previous contact on Nov. 11 where the vehicles registration came back on a 1995 Saturn sedan and not the 1993 Saturn coupe, which they were on. The officer attempted to pull the vehicle over and the driver pulled into a driveway and got out of the vehicle and started walking around a trailer. The officer told the man to come back and he complied. The officer asked the man if he knew the plates were not on the right vehicle and he said he did and that he was trying to get the proper plate for the vehicle. He said the title was turned over to him and he was just trying to get the vehicle to his dad’s house. Dispatch told the officer that the man’s driver’s license was suspended. The officer issued the man for DUR/Suspended and displayed fictitious number plates. He was cited and released with no further action taken.

Thursday, Nov. 14

An officer was patrolling northbound on Lebanon Rd. when he observed a rust colored Dodge Ram truck traveling southbound on Lebanon that appeared to be traveling faster than the posted speed limit of 30 mph. The officer’s radar unity gave a visual readout of 50 mph. The officer contacted the driver and spoke with a male driver who did not have proof of insurance on the vehicle. The officer asked dispatch to check the male’s driver’s license. Dispatch advised the officer that the registration showed invalid for an M.I. suspension. The man was issued a summons for no proof of insurance, failed to display valid registration and speeding 10-19 over the speed limit. The man was cited and released.

Saturday, Nov. 16

An officer was running stationary radar in the 17000 block of Hwy 145 when he observed a vehicle traveling 66 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer made contact with the driver and while speaking with the male he could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from his breath and asked the man how much he had to drink. The man said he had two beers and was heading back to camp. The man was asked to step out of the vehicle and perform voluntary roadside maneuvers. The man stated that he sprained his ankle but had not seen a doctor; he said it would not affect him from completing the maneuvers but that it was sore. The man did not satisfactorily complete the maneuvers. The officer asked the man is he would be willing to submit to a portable breath test, he agreed and the result was .114. The man was arrested and charged with a DUI, DUI per se and speeding 10-19 over prima facie.

Sunday, Nov. 17

On officer responded to a residence for a reported violation of restraining order and domestic assault. Upon arrival the officer contacted the victim who told the officer that she was in her home when she turned around and saw a man standing in her hallway who is restrained from the residence for a prior incident of domestic violence. The woman said she could tell the man was in a bad mental state and was agitated. She said she was frightened and wanted to leave. The woman said she ran out the door toward the neighbor’s house for help but before she could contact anyone the man grabbed her by the arm and hair and began dragging her back into the residence. The woman said she fell and then he grabbed her by her foot and dragged her across the dirt and gravel driveway. The woman said that the man punched her with a clenched fist on the right side of her face, causing redness, swelling and abrasions. Her injuries were photographed and submitted as evidence. The woman said she last saw the man inside the residence. The officer began yelling commands for the man to come outside, after no response the officer swept to the house and discovered that the man had left the house prior to his arrival. Based on the crimes committed, all in violation of an existing restraining order there was an arrest warrant placed on the man for the following crimes: 3rd degree assault, domestic violence, and violation of restraining order.