Police blotter

Saturday, Nov. 2

An officer requested to respond to Burger King to speak with a woman about another woman yelling at her in line. The officer contacted the woman by phone and the woman explained to the officer that she was at the drive up window waiting on her food when a woman in a silver Chevy car behind her was yelling obscenities at her out the window and had been revving up her engine and getting very close to her car. The officer met the woman in the Burger King parking lot. The woman said she recognized the other woman from Towaoc. The officer parked near the exit of the drive way and waited for the silver Chevy, when the silver Chevy drove out of the drive through the officer waved the woman down, she stopped and opened her door. As the woman opened her door the officer could smell the odor of alcohol. The officer also observed two small children in the back seat of the car. The officer asked the woman to explain what happened in the drive through, she said she new the woman in front of her and had always had problems with her. While speaking with the woman the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from her breath and observed an empty bottle of Takka Vodka on the drivers side floorboard. The woman performed roadside maneuvers unsatisfactorily and was arrested. Dispatch advised the officer that the woman was on pre trial release with conditions of bond as no possession or consumption of alcohol. Social services responded and took the custody of the children. While at the police department the woman told the officer that she had ingested methamphetamine earlier in the day and was having stomach pains. Due to that information the officer transported the woman to the hospital for a clearance and blood draw. After the woman was medically cleared she was charged with DUI, child abuse, and violation of bond conditions.

Saturday, Nov. 2

An officer was approached by a citizen who advised him that there was a male individual lying on the west side of the Cortez Welcome Center in the Cortez City Park that may need some assistance. The reporting party told the officer that he tried waking the man but got no response. The officer responded to the west side of the welcome center and found a male sleeping in the grass. The officer rolled the man over trying to wake him and a bottle of 80 proof Skol Vodka fell from him left coat pocket. The man opened his eyes and tried to talk but the officer could not understand him. The officer could smell the strong odor of mouthwash coming from his breath. After several attempts of trying to wake the man up, the officer asked dispatch to send medics to transport the man to the ER. Once the man was cleared by medical staff the officer placed him into custody and transported him to the jail. The man was served will a summons for an open container and possession of alcohol in the park.

Sunday, Nov. 3

An officer was requested to respond to S. Madison St. for a potential welfare check. Dispatch advised the officer that a man had called from an apt stating he was punched in the face by a female. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the man who stated someone needed to go and check on the kids. The officer along with another officer went to the apt and observed blood droplets in front of the door, and on the door itself. A female answered the door. When asked what happened the woman said that her cousin came over to baby sit her kids but when she arrived she was intoxicated and was told to go in the bedroom and sleep it off. When she asked her cousin to do that she became upset and started yelling. The man that called the police said he tried to get the woman to leave the apartment but instead she punched him in the face. The man said he then left and called 911 from another apartment. The woman said after the man left her cousin became more agitated causing the woman to fear for the safety of her kids so she left in an attempt to get her cousin away from her kids. The woman said her cousin began chasing her around the parking lot and back to the apartment where she closed and locked the door. She said her cousin began kicking the door trying to get back into the apartment. The woman said her cousin kicked the door so hard that it broke the doorframe and chain on the door. The woman said she leaned up against the door so her cousin would not get in, when she could not get in she left. While the officer was talking to the woman her cousin came back and her hand was bleeding. The officer asked her what happened to her hand and she said she punched the door trying to get inside. The woman wanted to press charges on her cousin. The woman was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and harassment.