Police blotter

Saturday, Nov. 9

An officer was parking at the Cortez Police Station when he saw a Trooper parked in the back parking lot. The Trooper advised the officer that he had a male subject in custody for investigation of DUI. The officer recognized the male and walked with him to the patrol room. The man was semi-uncooperative and undecided about whether or not he was going to cooperate with a breath test. The officer asked the man if he was going to take the breath test or not, and he said he would. The man had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, his eyes were watery, and his speech was slightly slurred. The man stated that he was frustrated and challenged the Trooper to take off his badge and fight. The man did give two breath samples with the result of .181. He was placed into handcuffs and taken to the jail.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

An officer was requested to respond to Parque De Vida for a couple of people that were possibly intoxicated. Upon arrival, the officer observed a male and a female lying down on the east side of the bridge on the sidewalk. The male was waiving at the officer. The officer asked the two what was going on, and the man said that he hit the woman, and her arm was hurt and could not pick it up. The officer asked the man if he hit the woman and he said yes. The woman also said that Yes, the man hit her. While the officer was talking with the two individuals, he observed a broken bottle behind the man and a small unopened sample bottle of whiskey next to the man, and they both seemed to be intoxicated. Medics arrived to treat the woman and said they thought the woman had a dislocated shoulder and took her to the ER for treatment. After assisting another officer with the man and the remaining alcohol beverages he had in his bag the officer went to the Southwest Memorial Hospital to speak with the woman. The woman said she was walking in the park and came across the man, she said they started talking and got into a conversation about cowboys and Indians. The woman said the next thing she knew the man yelled that he was an Indian and punched her and then shoved her. The officer asked the woman if she wanted to press charges on the man and at first she said she was afraid to because she would get threatened and harassed ,and then after she thought about it she said she would. Doctors then told the woman that her arm was not dislocated but it was broken. A physicians report was received stating that the woman’s injury was a “serious bodily injury”. The man was at the ER getting medically discharged for jail. Later the man was transported to the jail and was placed on a felony investigation hold for second-degree assault.