Sheriff’s blotter

Monday, Nov. 18

While patrolling, running radar, in the 25000 block of C.R. L an officer observed a vehicle traveling faster than the posted 40 mph speed limit. After seeing a digital readout, the Doppler radar unit in the patrol vehicle confirmed the speed of the vehicle was 80 mph. The officer contacted the driver at the intersection of Hwy 491 and C.R. 25. The driver stated, “I was trying to outrun the lights. My rear window is frosted over and the headlights behind me were making it hard to see. I work in Shiprock and I’m running late.” The officer reduced the speed from 80 to 79 mph and issued the driver a summons for speeding 70 mph in a 40 mph zone.

Monday, Nov. 18

An officer responded to C.R. K.2 in reference to a domestic assault. Upon arrival the officer contacted the victim who said she had been assaulted by her boyfriend of five years. The woman said she returned home and for approximately one hour her and her boyfriend were arguing back and forth. Her boyfriend said he was going to leave so she asked him where he was going and he became very angry and argumentative about answering the question. The woman said they went outside and were still arguing when her boyfriend shoved her and then grabbed her arm and attempted to throw her down the steps but she struggled with him to free herself. The woman said her boyfriend left the scene before police arrived. The officer noticed bruising on the woman’s arm. The woman said her boyfriend was getting worse and was already facing a similar charge for assaulting their one-year old child. The woman also said she was afraid of her boyfriend. There was a witness in the house who confirmed the assault as described. Based on the crimes committed, the apparent escalating increase in anger and violence, the officer is seeking a warrant for the man for third degree assault and domestic violence.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

An officer was dispatched to Hwy. 160 for a report of a cold vehicle break in. Upon arrival a woman told the officer she had her Dodge Journey broken into. The woman said her and her husband went to town and then came back, she said her husband left the key fob in the center cup holder and she left her purse on the front passenger floorboard. She said her son asked for lunch money so she went to get her purse out of her vehicle and noticed that her purse was on the seat with everything messed up. The woman said she was missing several items with a total value of $633. The officer asked the woman if there were any suspects and she stated there was a Native American male outside her house the previous day. She said he was standing in between her two vehicles and asked her if her husband was home. She said he asked her husband to give him a ride to the liquor store and he told the male no. She said the man acted as if there was something wrong and he had a twitch. The male that the woman described matched the description of a man the officer knew. The officer will attempt to contact the man in reference to this case.

Thursday, Nov. 21

A man stating that his house had been burglarized at C.R. 25 contacted an officer. The officer met with the man at the Sheriff’s Office and he said that his cousin had unlawfully entered his residence and took three bottles of prescription medication. The officer asked how he knew it was his cousin and he said he was looking threw his medicine cabinet for some Tylenol when he noticed on bottle of Hydrocodone and two bottles of Oxycodone were missing from the cabinet. He said he called his wife and asked if she moved the medicine and she told him she did not. He said after contacting his cousin’s parents and telling them about the situation they brought their daughter over to his residence and she admitted to the man and his wife that she was the one who entered their residence and took the medication. The officer went over to a residence and spoke with the woman. The woman said a few weeks ago she went over to her cousin’s residence and found their bedroom door was unlocked. She entered the residence and went to the kitchen and began looking through the cabinets, she found prescription medication and took them. She said once she found the medication she left. The officer asked her where the medicine was now and she told the officer that she had taken all of the pills. The officer told the woman that he would be forwarding this case to the DA’s office for charging do to other cases already pending.