Sheriff Blotter

Wednesday, Nov. 20

An officer responded to the MCSO Jail for a report of an assault. The officer spoke to the victim who stated that he was in holding #3 when a new inmate came into the cell who happened to be his cousin. The man said he could tell his cousin had been drinking and believed he was intoxicated. He said his cousin began slapping him on the right side of his face two or three times causing him physical pain and he wanted to pursue charges on him. The officer could not see any redness or marks on the man’s face. There was another inmate in the cell who stated that he did not see the altercation between the man and his cousin that he only heard them talking but did not pay attention to what was being said and that was it. The officer attempted to speak with the man’s cousin who was now being held in another cell. The man was passed out and would not wake up to answer the officer’s questions. The officer asked the other deputies if the man took a Portable Breath Test and they stated he had with a result of .194. The officer filled out a summons for third degree assault.

Thursday, Nov. 21

While traveling in the area of 3rd and south Broadway an officer observed a grey Sedan pull out onto south Broadway from 3rd St. make a left hand turn and almost strike the median, the vehicle then erratically jerked the vehicle back into the proper lane of travel. While the officer followed the vehicle, the Sedan traveled in and out of both lanes of travel crossing over the white divided line multiple times. The officer contacted the driver and could smell a strong odor of an unknown intoxicating beverage coming from inside of the vehicle. The officer asked the man how much he had to drink and he replied, “Enough”. The man was asked to exit the vehicle to perform roadside maneuvers, which he did not perform satisfactorily. The man was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both, driving a vehicle with blood alcohol content of .08 or more and failed to drive in a single lain.

Friday, Nov. 22

While patrolling eastbound on C.R. M an officer observed a gray pickup truck fail to make a complete stop a the stop sign located at C.R. M and C.R. 25. The officer made contact with the man and asked for registration and insurance. The officer asked dispatch to check the man’s driver’s license status as well as for wants and warrants. Dispatch advised that the man was clear. The officer issued the man a summons for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Sunday, Nov. 24

An officer responded to C.R. H for a reported family disturbance. The person identified as the suspect was contacted walking westbound on C.R. H and was very challenging and uncooperative. The man had clenched fists. For the officer’s safety he had drawn his taser. The officer commanded that the man put his hands behind his back, which he was not doing. The man eventually complied. The officer placed handcuffs on the man and transported him to the residence to speak with the reporting party. The man was highly agitated and began trying to kick out the driver’s side rear passenger window. He said he was arguing with his father and together they fell into a window inside the house breaking the window. The man said that his mother and father had been drinking and doing drugs all day and that was part of the problem. The man repeated several times, “Just shoot me, and get it over with”. The mother stated that the argument started when her husband wouldn’t allow his son to use his vehicle. The woman said that her son became angry and intentionally smashed the window, as well as a small table. There are multiple documented prior contacts with these same parties, similar to the issues in this incident. Based upon the aggressive history, and the intentional destruction of property, the son was placed under arrest and charged with Criminal Mischief.