Police Blotter

Saturday, Nov. 23

At the request of dispatch an officer responded to a residence in reference of a cold vandalism complaint. The officer spoke with a woman who said that her sister had keyed her vehicle. The woman said she went to pick her child up from school when she saw that her sister was already at the school picking up her kid. She said she parked behind her sisters car went and got her child and left. She said a little while later she got a phone call from her friend who said she was present when her sister had keyed her car in front of the school. The woman also said that her friend was feeling guilty for not telling her earlier but she didn’t want to get involved. The officer observed a word keyed on the left side of her hood and numerous key marks along side the driver door. The officer spoke with the woman’s friend by telephone who advised him that she observed the woman walk into the school and then the woman’s sister key her car. The officer then contacted the woman sister who denied keying the car and said that her sister and her friend are just mad because she won’t get involved in their drama. The woman did not want to press charges against her sister; she said she was just going to get a civil protection order against her.

Monday, Nov. 25

An officer was requested to respond to the Southwest Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for a disturbance. Once the officer arrived a Dr. told him that a female in room #3 was refusing to leave because they would not treat her chronic medical conditions. When the doctor informed the woman that they do not treat chronic pain issues in the emergency room the woman immediately got upset, picked up the pulse Oximeter machine and threw it at him, striking him in the back of his right leg. The doctor said it didn’t cause any physical pain but it was an annoyance. The doctor said he left the room and called the police department. The doctor also said the woman’s urine tested positive for marijuana and other narcotics. The officer was approached by a nurse who said she went into room #3 to assist the woman and she told her that she put that doc in his place and threw that machine at him. The officer went to talk with the woman in room #3, the woman said she has came in the ER a few times and has been refused treatment for her ongoing back pain so she told the doctor she would just go to Durango for treatment. The woman said the machine that was attached to her finger had fallen from the bed to the ground and that she did not throw anything across the room. She said the doctor was just upset because she had previously filed a complaint against him. The officer told the woman that he had talked to the nurse and the woman said she did not touch the doctor. The woman was arrested and charged for disturbing the peace.

Monday, Nov. 25

An officer was dispatched to 7th Street for a disturbance. Dispatch told the officer that there were no weapons involved but that it was getting physical. When the officer approached the residence he could hear a female yelling and noticed through the trailer window a male grabbing a female by her shoulders and pushed her. The officer ran to the front door and noticed the door already opened. The officer entered the home and saw a female standing up against the living room wall crying and a male standing a few feet away. The officer told them to stop fighting and asked the male to step back. The male said that the woman through his pay stubs in the trash and he wanted them back. The female’s shirt was ripped above her right shoulder. The officer asked the woman how she was related to the man and she said that he was her boyfriend. The female seemed very scared and would not leave the corner of the couch. The officer placed the man into custody and charged him with domestic violence, 3rd degree assault, and harassment. The woman told the officer that her boyfriend had abused her before and that one time he choked her so bad that she blacked out.