Police Blotter

Monday, Nov. 18

A man had called in an assault at the Lemon Tree Apartments and was waiting at the intersection of First and S. Ash Streets. The officer contacted the man who said his wife had just assaulted him. The officer noticed the man’s shirt to be ripped and his left check was swollen and his right shoulder was scratched. The man said that his wife hit him. The officer went to speak with the wife, she sat down on the couch and started crying and said she was angry because her husband tried to leave, she said his shirt was ripped because she grabbed it and tried to get him to stay and she said his face was swollen because she hit him. The woman was placed into custody and taken to the Jail. The man explained what had happened to the officer. He said he had just got done working a 12-hour shift and was trying to go to bed when his wife came in and started yelling at him for no reason. He said he wanted to leave and she punched him so he grabbed and her put her on the bed and ran out. He said his wife caught up with him and grabbed his shirt and ripped it. He said shortly after is when the police showed up.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

An officer was requested to respond to north Elm Street in reference to an intoxicated male subject knocking on a door. While en route dispatch advised the officer that the male subject had left one trailer and went to another trailer and there were protection orders in place, which also contained alcohol provisions associated with the protection orders. The officer contacted the male matching the description and asked him what his name was. The man said he did not know. The officer asked to see his identification, which confirmed he was the male subject that had been called in. While speaking with the man the officer noticed his speech was slurred. When asked how much he had to drink the man said he had not been drinking today. Then the officer asked him again how much he had to drink and he said he wasn’t going to lie because he had several alcoholic beverages today. The officer advised the man there were alcohol provisions associated with his protection order violations. The man admitted that he knew he was going to be arrested because he had been drinking alcoholic beverages. The man was arrested and stated that he was going to remain cooperative and polite during his interaction with the officer. The man was transported to the jail and was cooperative during the process of booking.

Thursday, Nov. 21

Police were dispatched to Mr. Happy’s Bar for some kind of disturbance. Dispatch advised that the disc jockey and another male were involved and the other male was outside wearing a grey sweatshirt. The officer spoke with one of the men involved who said he took his girlfriend to the men’s restroom because the women’s restroom was occupied. He said he went with her to guard the door, while he was guarding the door he said the disc jockey came and tried to get in the bathroom and he told him the bathroom was occupied but the disc jockey punched him in the mouth knocking out his front tooth. The officer observed the man’s missing tooth but did not observe any blood, swelling or any other indication that the tooth had just recently been knocked out. The officer then spoke to the bar manager who said that she was informed by a customer that a man and his girlfriend went into the men’s restroom and the customer thought they might have been having intercourse, she said she asked the disc jockey to go into the men’s room and what was going on. She said the disc jockey tried to push the door open and the man in the bathroom told him he could not come in, and asked him if he knew who he was and told him he was going to beat him up. The bar manger said the man in the bathroom then grabbed the disc jockey by the shirt, ripping it, then pulled him toward him and grabbed him by the throat. The bar manager said that is when the disc jockey punched the man in the face. She said she was not aware that he was missing a tooth and added that the bathroom locks from the inside so there was no reason for the man to be in the restroom with his girlfriend. The disc jockey’s story matched the bar managers and he had a ripped shirt and his left hand was bleeding. The officer served the man with a trespass notice advising him not to return.