Dolores 40 years ago

Taken from the Dec. 7, 1973 pages of the Dolores Star

New Sheriff In County

Montezuma County has a new Sheriff selected from among eight applicants at Monday's applicants at Monday's commissioners meeting when Bob Hampton was named. Applicants were Joe Hearne, Lynn Patton, William Ashbaugh, John Glazner, Ervil Higgins, Charlie Walters and Billy Orgish.

In other business, the commissioners said they felt one person could handle the civil defense and veterans affairs, which Carl Newholm is in charge of. A hold-up on planning for the new county-city building due to civil defense considerations and also from health department input was to have been taken care of for the commissioners by Dwayne Longenbaugh and Fred Grove who are drawing up the plans and who recommend proceeding with provisions being made for these matters.

Planning Director Marshal Denton told the commissioners there is being formulated a resolution for creation of a public lands trust fund, which will deposit money from developers in the county to be used to acquire land for schools, parks, and playgrounds in new development areas of the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mason of Stoner Alpine Lodge were granted a renewal for the liquor license at that location.

Communication from the State Social Services Department informed the county they are to be forced to pay back salaried to county welfare workers for "mandatory" pay increases for 1971, 1972, and 1973 which the previous county commissioners refused to accept. State official Con Shea, through welfare director Maurine McNeill. Told the county they would be forced to make the payment so it was approved under protest by the commissioners.

The new Sheriff is to be sworn into office on Monday, Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. in the district court room.