Police Blotter

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Dispatch requested an officer to the Montezuma Cortez High School for an intoxicated student. The assistant principal stated that he had a student in his office that was intoxicated and admitted to drinking on campus. He said that the student told him he had thrown the empty bottle of alcohol away in one of the restrooms. The officer went into the office and met with the young man who had a strong odor of an alcohol beverage coming from his breath. The officer had the young man blow into his PBT, getting a result of .107. While waiting on the young man’s mother to arrive at the school he was cursing at the assistant principal and at the officer. The officer advised the young man to not use profanity or shout or he would charge him with disturbing the peace, he then started cursing at the officer. The officer advised him that he was now charged with another charge. The young man’s mother arrived and the officer explained the summons to them. The mother signed the summons but the young man refused. The young man and his mother left the campus.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Dispatch asked an officer to respond to N. Sligo St. for a possible intoxicated Native American male standing in front of a residence. Dispatch advised that the reporting party was nervous. The officer arrived at the residence and noticed a male sitting on the sidewalk near the front door. The officer tried to speak with the man and asked him what his name was, the man would not answer. After several more attempts of trying to speak with the man the man looked at the officer and said, “Do you want to eat my balls” and lunged toward the officer. The man then fell back down and continued to curse at the officer. Other officer’s arrived to assist in handcuffing the man. The man was kicking and was given verbal commands to stop resisting. The officer learned that the man was 20 years old and should not be drinking. The man was in the patrol vehicle kicking the windows. The officer’s put leg hobbles on him to prevent him from kicking out the windows. The reporting party said the man had knocked on her door, but since she was scared she did not answer the door. She said the man sat down on her doorstep and would not leave and that it disturbed her peace. The man was charged with underage consumption of alcohol, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

An officer responded to a residence regarding an aggressive dog running at large. The officer spoke with a man that said his wife went to take the trash out when she noticed the neighbors dog in their trash can, she tried to shew the dog away but it came at her barking and growling. The man said he went out there and the dog was inside of his trashcan, he said he yelled at the dog and it jumped the fence back into his neighbors yard. The officer has contacted the dog’s owner and her family on numerous occasions regarding complaints that one or more of her dogs had been at large or getting into trash. The owner had been contacted on Sept. 10, Oct. 25, Nov. 7 and Nov. 21. The man said he wanted to pursue charges on the owner of the dog. The officer issued a citation for animal disturbing the peace and for dog running at large.

Thursday, Dec. 5

Police received a call about a disturbance. Dispatch advised the officer that there was a male and female arguing. They confirmed that the woman had a protection order prohibiting her from alcohol. Upon arrival the officer knocked on the door several times and finally a man answered who had blood on his face. The officer asked the man if everything was ok and he said no. The officer asked the man what was going on. He said it’s the same stuff. The officer went inside and saw a female yelling who also had blood on her face. The officer spoke with the woman and asked her what had happened. The woman said the man hit her. The officer asked her several times what happened before he hit her and she repeatedly said it does not matter because she will be blamed for everything. The officer then spoke with the man who said he had some friends over but after they left the woman freaked out and started punching him. He said after she punched him he swung his fist to get her off of him and hit the woman in the face. Due to the man’s story and the fact that the woman would not cooperate or answer any questions, the woman was placed into custody and charged for violating her protection order.