Mancos Historical Society to be revitalized

It was enthusiastically decided at the November meeting of the Historical Structures Task Force that the Mancos Valley Historical Society should be revitalized and reorganized.

Strong interest expressed at the meeting and additional input from the community suggests that now is the time to create a dynamic organization to record, to inform, and to preserve the historical stories and heritage of Mancos and Mancos Valley. Dr. Bob Seney was selected to be the Organizing Chair and Mac Neely was selected as the Membership Chair. Other positions will be identified and filled with interested individuals as soon as possible.

The first meeting of the Historical Society will be held Saturday, Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. in the Parish Hall of St. Paul's Church, Bauer at Oak Street. The agenda will include information on the purpose and mission of the Society, organizational structure, and by-laws. A program will be presented on the historical nature and story of St. Paul's Church building, which is marking the centennial of its building and consecration. It is our hope to meet in various historical structures for future meetings. Light refreshments will be served. Membership is now open. All interested persons are invited and encouraged to attend. The Oak Street entrance may be used to enter the Parish Hall.

The Mancos Valley Historical Society will assume leadership over the Historical Structures Inventory Task Force. This will be the first major project of the Historical Society. The first step of this project will be to create a list of historical structures and then research and obtain information on each structure. A Survey Sheet has been designed. Other possible projects are being identified.

For information, call 533-9104 and leave a message. Your call will be returned. You may also email at