Dolores 80 years ago

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Editorial comments

There are a number of "forgotten" men in this community who can testify that Franklin D. Roosevelt meant what he said.

A poor excuse is better than none. Wonder if that's the reason some women choose mighty poor excuses for husbands.

Then there's the fool who said there will be more bootleggers now than under prohibition. How do such people expect to be taken seriously anyway?

While they are appropriating money for road improvements they might spend a little on the road to success. It seems to be in pretty bad shape at present.

A fond mother tells us that the writer of the advertisements that recommend to mothers to feed their children Blankum breakfast food to five them pep don't know much about children. The children, this mother says, have plenty of pep. It's the dad who needs pepping up.

Of course if there were no other paper in Montezuma county, the Journal would still be doing the county work for a third of the established legal price. There is nothing like being kind hearted, especially where creditors do not raise too much of a row.