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Hollywood Bar Closed

Ten Days

Operators of Hollywood Bar admitted having permitted consumption of alcoholic beverages after closing time on Nov. 12 at a hearing Wednesday night before the town board and were given a ten day suspension and closing. Sam Merlo represented the bar managers and Guy Dyer represented the town with state liquor enforcement officer Kirk Martelon from Durango attending.

Following presentation of the case from information supplied by Town marshal Charlie Aragon, the board and attorneys conducted questioning which brought out that Don and Dan Hilton, bar managers did not believe it was against the law if they had not sold the drinks which were being consumed while waiting for a person to show up who was to do some carpentry work for them while the bar was closed for the night.

They indicated they were cleaning up the place and that a juvenile involved did not have any drinks but was also waiting to help the carpenter. The board went into executive session and then in open meeting voted unanimously for a ten day closing.