Police Blotter

Thursday, Dec. 5

Dispatch requested that an officer respond to a residence regarding the welfare of a dog.

The officer observed a dog on the west side of the residence in a small wire pen. Inside the pen there was a wooden open-fronted doghouse and a large rubber water dish, which was half full of ice. Outside the pen there was fresh snow that was undisturbed. There were no footprints in the snow to indicate that anyone had attended to the dog in nearly two hours.

A white female pit bull inside the doghouse showed herself when she heard the officer outside the fence. The dog appeared thin and gaunt, she was standing in a pile of her own excrement, which appeared frozen solid.

The officer attempted to contact the owner but there was no answer at the door. The officer contacted the owner’s adult son, who said he would take the dog to his residence and give her adequate care.

Later, the man advised the officer that he had given the dog to a woman. The officer advised her that he would be monitoring the dog’s welfare.

Saturday, Dec. 7

An officer was requested to respond to a residence in reference to property damage. A man said somebody had broken the front window of his vehicle and stole his Colorado temporary license plate. He said his car was parked at the bar at the time it was damaged. He thought that his ex-girlfriends brother might have broke his window. He said he was at the bar the same time he was and he had observed him go outside for approximately 10 minutes and then returned to the bar. Shortly after the man had returned to the bar he said he went outside to his car to leave and discovered that his window had been broken. The officer has tried to contact the suspect by phone and was unsuccessful. He will try to contact the man at his place of work.

Sunday, Dec. 8

At the request of dispatch an officer spoke with a man on the phone about his nephew causing problems at his grandma’s house. He said he did not want to ask his nephew to leave because his nephew had assaulted him in the past. He also said that his nephew was drunk. While en route dispatch advised the officer that the man causing problems was on a pre-trial release and was not to be consuming alcohol. At the residence the man answered the door and said he was just hanging out at his grandma’s. The officer could smell the strong odor of an alcohol beverage coming from his breath, his speech was slurred and his eyes were red, bloodshot and watery. The officer asked him how much he had to drink and he said nothing today. The officer told the man he knew he had been drinking and that he wasn’t supposed to be because of his pre-trial status. The man said he would get a ride from his girlfriend. While he was talking on the phone he picked up a bottle of Joose Margarita mix and took a drink. The man started getting upset and started yelling on the phone. The officer advised the man that he was under arrest and escorted him outside. The man began to threaten the officer saying he did not mind catching jail time for blasting the officer when he gets out. He also told the officer he better watch his back because he knew where he lived. The man was charged with violation of bail bond conditions. The man’s PBT showed a result of .271

Tuesday, Dec. 10

An officer was dispatched to a motel for a male on the property causing issues and the motel wanted him to leave. The manager of the motel said that a Native American male was in one of the rooms and wasn’t supposed to be. He said the man, on several occasions, shows up and goes from room to room until he finds an open room or one the maid is working on and just goes in the room to stay. The manager said if the man comes back one more time he would like him arrested. The officer went to speak with the man to advise him that he needed to leave. The man said he was in his cousin’s room and he was going to chill. The man had very slurred speech and was drooling as he spoke. After the officer asked the man several times to leave the officer told the man if he didn’t leave he would go to jail and the man said, “lets go”. The officer arrested the man and he began cursing at the officer and told him that when he got out of jail he was going to find him and kill him. The man was struggling and would not get in the patrol vehicle. He said he was going to kick the officer. After arriving at the jail the man blew a PBT with a result of .288. The man was charged with criminal trespass.