Thank you for the act of faith

What is an act of faith? It is when we do something with the certain hope that it will do some good, but with the knowledge that we may never see the end of the story. What happens when a whole team of people acts in faith together on a hope filled project? In the case of Operation Christmas Child in the Four Corners in 2013 it means shoeboxes full of presents will tell 3,346 children in remote corners of the world that God has not forgotten them and that He loves them. We may never know the end of all 3346 of those stories, but the beginning of those stories is the acts of faith of perhaps thousands of people. We each do a few small things in the hopes that something big will happen in the life of an otherwise lonely or forgotten child. The Operation Christmas Child Team of the Four Corners wishes to thank each of you – and you know who you are – for the sacrifices you made as part of the team. And for each person who filled one of those 3,346 shoeboxes full of delight, thank you! Our hope is that you will continue in your acts of faith, understanding that what is unseen is nonetheless very real and true and good.

God Bless each of you, and thank you!

The Four Corners Operation Christmas Child Team