Volunteering with BLM a learning experience


Being nominated and chosen as the Bureau of Land Management volunteer of the year for the state of Colorado was indeed an honor. Thanks to all at the Anasazi Heritage Center for working so hard to nominate me.

Volunteering there has been great and such a learning experience for me. Learning about the great cultural heritage of our part of Southwest Colorado and being able to show and tell others is an honor as well. We have a jewel of a museum in our midst and if you haven’t visited, you really should.

And if you want a special treat look for the “behind the scenes” tours in the summer. Whether I lead them or another volunteer or staff member, you will have an educational, enjoyable and memorable time.

Thanks again to all for this great honor. Oh, and by the way, for those who know me (and read the article) and think I moved to Mancos, no, I still live in Dolores!

Marty Costos, Dolores