Police blotter

Sunday, Dec. 15

Officers responded to a residence in reference to a disturbance. Dispatch advised the officer that there was a physical fight between six males and one female and that one of the males had a handgun. Upon arrival, officers noticed three men in the yard near a vehicle that had a female sitting in the back seat. The officers handcuffed the three males. After all three males were searched for weapons, the handcuffs were removed. One of the male parties advised the officers that there was never a gun but there was a physical altercation before their arrival. It was determined that the altercation between the men was mutual and there were no apparent injuries. No gun was found on scene or on the people involved. One of the males involved in the physical altercation admitted to drinking one alcoholic beverage and was on probation. His probation officer will be notified. One of the other males also had a warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody.

Sunday, Dec. 15

An officer was traveling east in the 800 block of east Main St. when he observed a man lying on his back on a sidewalk in front of the Welcome Center in City Park. The officer went to check on the individual, and as he approached him, he observed the male had soiled his pants and the sidewalk underneath him was wet. The officer also observed a half-consumed 375 mL bottle of Taaka Vodka underneath the man’s left arm. The officer asked the man to sit up several times. Because the man was not responsive, the officer called medics to the location. Medics arrived and decided to transport the man to the hospital. The officer arrived at the hospital and noticed the man to be sitting up and fairly alert. The officer asked the man what happened at the park, and the man looked at him blankly without answering the question. After receiving medical clearance, the officer arrested the man and transported him to the jail, where he was charged an open container and possession of alcohol in the park.

Tuesday, Dec. 17

At the request of dispatch, an officer responded to the east Main St. for an intoxicated Native American male stumbling into the roadway and was almost getting hit by vehicles and was wearing all black clothing. The officer arrived and noticed two men he new from previous contacts on the north side of the road. The officer observed one of the men very unsteady on his feet and was stumbling from left to right as he attempted to walk on the sidewalk. The officer contacted the man and could smell a very strong odor of an unknown alcohol beverage coming from his breath. The man said he had been drinking. The officer also spoke with the witnesses, who said the man was wearing all black clothing and was in the outside lane of traffic approximately three feet from the curb. The witness said that he “just missed” the male with his right mirror of his vehicle while the male was standing in the road. Another witness stated that he had to swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting the man in all black clothing. The officer recontacted the men walking down the road and advised the man that two witnesses wanted to pursue charges against him. The officer placed the man into custody. The man blew a PBT of .272. The man was charged with intoxicated pedestrian in the roadway.