Nothing trivial about gun violence


I was dismayed to read the headline and the article about women “packing heat,” (Journal, Dec. 17). It trivializes the very real problem of gun violence in this country.

It is like an old detective movie where the good guys shoot bad guys and after the scene, everyone gets up and goes on with life.

Of course, in real life, that isn’t what happens.

People with guns go into schools, malls, hospitals, churches, inner city neighborhoods and private homes, shoot children, young people and adults.

The ones shot don’t get up after the scene, they stay dead or injured. Some sick person even made a video game of the Newtown school shootings.

There is nothing trivial about the gun violence in this country. There are many responsible gun owners who oppose all this violence and the article trivializes them, also.

Please don’t make gun violence trivial with your headlines and stories.

Kay Boots, Cortez