Police driving does not consider public safety


I wrote this letter about 15 minutes after I found myself leaping to get out of the way of a couple of speeding police cruisers who almost ran over me – I fell back just in time, and was missed by inches – on South Madison Street. There was not a red or blue light to be seen, and they obviously didn’t see me. I waved my arm like a checkered flag for the third one as the driver sped by, and he did turn on his lights as he was running a stop sign and narrowly avoiding another car.

Fifty miles per hour on a residential street without lights or sirens is too fast! (I am guessing they were going more like 60 a block later). Two near misses in less than a minute, and who exactly does one report this to? The police? That’s a laugh. The police obviously don’t give a rat’s patooty about public safety, judging by the dangerous way they drive.

Nels Werner, Cortez