A big thank you

"It takes a village" ... a quote that's meaning has never meant more to us than what we have experienced from the generous acts of loving kindness from the community that we have raised our precious children in and that we call home.

As we find our way through our fog of devastating despair, the light of loving compassion, generous donations of food, and to the Wounded Warrior Project and heartfelt expressions of sorrow for our loss of my brave son Joshua James Everin, gives us hope for the future and helps in having faith in God that we will slowly heal from our tragic loss.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your expressions of love. Although I would love to thank each one of you personally, know that we see blessings from God through your generous acts of kindness, but most importantly, your prayers for peace that God so faithfully answers.

It does take a village ... and again, we are speechless and overwhelmed. Thank you!