Sherrif Blotter

Friday, Dec. 20

A woman was arrested for second-degree assault on a police office, driving under the influence and driving while revoked for alcohol violations. In addition another woman was arrested for driving under the influence and driving while revoked for alcohol offenses. At 11:35 the same date Cortez dispatch aired a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) for a grey Chrysler Sedan that was occupied by at least two females. The vehicle was last seen traveling on Highway 160 and had been observed weaving and stopping in the traffic lane. A witness stated that he observed the females switch seats at the Eagle Claw. While en route to the area the officer heard another officer call out with the described vehicle, he said it was stopped in the middle of the road. When the officer approached the vehicle he asked the female driver to exit the vehicle. The woman answered by stating “What the f*** do you want.” The woman then got out of the car, walked up to the other officer and shoved him with her palm, then she turned around and struck the officer on the chest with both closed fists. The officer arrested the woman. The officer then spoke with the other woman who was leaning against the outside of the vehicle. The woman agreed to perform roadside maneuvers but was unable to stand without falling. She was also arrested for driving under the influence.

Saturday, Dec. 28

An officer was dispatched to a possible disturbance on Fifth Street in Dolores. The officer could hear yelling on the second floor of the building, which is a hotel that allows daily and weekly rentals. He entered the building and could hear a lady yelling at her dog from the second story balcony. The officer made contact with the female who was noticeably intoxicated and screaming obscenities. The woman was cursing at the officer and kept telling him that the people are nothing but trash. The officer asked the woman who she was yelling at and she said her dog that would not come to her. The officer did not observe a dog outside. The woman said her dog might have gone back to her room, so she returned there. Once at her room the officer observed her dog sitting on her bed. The woman did not see the dog and again began to yell. The officer advised the woman not to yell because she was creating a scene and upsetting other patrons. He also advised her of the town ordinance for disorderly conduct and if she proceeded to cause a scene she would be taken into custody. The woman told the officer that he was part of the problem and put her hand out in an aggressive manner. The woman was arrested the officer had to put her legs in leg restraints for his safety. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct.

Sunday, Dec. 29

Dispatch requested an officer to call and speak with a woman regarding a family member with an outstanding warrant. The woman asked the officer to verify if her nephew had an outstanding warrant. The officer confirmed that the woman’s nephew had two felony warrants. The officer asked the woman where she lived and said he would be en-route to her residence. The officer arrived and met with the woman, she told the officer that her nephew was inside and took the officer to the room he was staying in. The officer arrested the man and asked if he had anything in his pockets. The man said yes he had a spoon in the pocket of his shorts. The officer asked the man when the last time he used heroin was and the man said yesterday. At the sheriff’s office the substance from the spoon was tested and came back positive for heroin. The man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The officer re-contacted the man and issued him the summons, the man asked the officer why he couldn’t “let it go” and refused to sing the summons.