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Sunday, Dec. 22

An officer reported to the Southwest Memorial Hospital in reference to a phone harassment. An employee of SWMH advised the officer that a man began calling asking for a certain doctor. The man was told that the doctor was not working at that time, but he continued to call several more times. At one point, the man had threatened the SWMH employee and was cursing at him. The man also said to another employee, “I’m coming to the board meeting in the morning, and you’re going to be there.” The employee stated that she was not going to be there and the man said, “I’m going to make sure your there”. The woman said she felt afraid of the man cause she felt like he was going to come into the hospital and try to do something. The officer contacted the man and asked him if he made any threats or vulgar statements towards anyonen and he immediately said, “No”, then after a long pause he said, “You know, they treated my husband really badly, and I may have lost my temper a little bit. ” The officer also asked the man if he made repeated calls to the emergency room and he said, “Yes.” The man told the officer that he also suffered from bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. The man agreed to set up an interview with the officer. The officer advised the man that he was currently being investigated for harassment by telephone.

Sunday, Dec. 22

At the request of dispatch an officer responded to Wendy’s for a report of a male refusing to leave. The officer met with a Wendy’s employee, who said she asked an intoxicated male to leave and he became upset, yelled at her and refused to leave. She said she did not want to make a scene in front of other customers so she walked away and called the police. She pointed to man in the restaurant that appeared to be asleep at a booth. The manager told the officer that because the man was asked to leave and refused she was willing to pursue charges. The man told the officer that nobody asked him to leave. While speaking with the man the officer could smell an unknown alcohol beverage coming from his breathe. The man was arrested and charged with trespass.

Sunday, Dec. 22

An officer was requested to a residence for a disturbance. Dispatch advised the officer that they could hear yelling and a physical altercation taking place and also said they could hear kids and screaming in the background. When the officer’s pulled up to the residence they could hear yelling and kids screaming, they ran up to the door and observed a man yelling at a woman. The man immediately became uncooperative and told the officer not to be a “dick.” The man appeared to be intoxicated, slurring his words and stumbling to the font of the yard. The man said he was out drinking with some friends and his friend had told him that his girlfriend was having an affair. The man said it made him angry and he wanted to talk to his girlfriend about it when he got home but she had locked him out of the house. The man would not tell police how he got into the house but he said when he did enter the house he began to yell at his girlfriend for cheating on him and that is when police arrived. The other officer that spoke with the woman said that the man had kicked down the door, punched the woman in the chest and shoved her down. He also said while all of that was taking place two children were injured in the process. The officer advised the man he was under arrest and he kept resisting. When they finally arrived at the police station the man was charged with 3rd degree assault, domestic violence, criminal mischief, child abuse resulting in injury, and resisting arrest.

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