Gun owners need to stop funding extreme groups

Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, appears to be against any kind of gun control. However, this clearly is not working, so what does he propose doing? Scott says the deaths from guns are terrible, but if something is terrible, don’t you try to stop it from happening again?

As a hunter I wonder nearly every day if many of the little kids at Newtown and the victims of the Aurora shooting might still be alive had there been a ban on the purchase of assault rifles.

Many say the perpetrators would have obtained an assault rifle anyway. Would they? They had no criminal background and would not have known any more than I would where to go to purchase an assault rifle illegally. We gun owners need to stop funding NRA spokesperson’s Wayne LaPierre’s lavish lifestyle and exorbitant salary. We need to demonstrate that we value human life and support reasonable gun control measures.

David Ryan