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Taken from the Jan. 12 1934 files of the Dolores Star

State has large forest earnings

Colorado ranked second among the state of the nation in the amount of road and school funds received during 1933 from sales of timber, forage and other products of national forests, according to information received by W.J. Morrill, head of the forestry department at the Colorado agricultural college.

Exactly $85,744, representing one-fourth of the gross receipts within the national forests of the state, augmented the road and school funds of counties in which the forests are located.

In addition, one-tenth more, or $34,297 may be spent on roads and trails within national forests of the state.

"The amount received by the Centennial state for schools and roads in counties s exceeded only in California, which was given $110,579 for tis purpose." Morrill says, "The average received by the 31 eligible states is about $21,000, and the total in the Unites States is $679, 315.