Dolores 40 years ago

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Taken from the Jan. 11, 1973, files of the Dolores Star

Town purchases truck; gives employees raise

First meeting of the year for the town board on Tuesday of last week found three bids on hand for the old dump truck with Bob Shields buying it for his high bid of $200.

The board also authorized the water superintendent to seek buyers for any unneeded items on hand, which other nearby towns may want to buy.

Those items not sold and not needed for repairs will be returned to the companies from whom purchased for credit.

All town employees were given pay raises with the marshal and Water Superintendent each getting $125 per month, the Town Clerk $100 and the treasurer $40.

Jack Fredriksen will take a course in municipal water works at a school in Boulder for four days this spring sponsored by the Colorado health Department.

A new dump trick is being purchased from Kinkade Chevrolet Co. and will be delivered in about 90 days.

The town election on April 2 will result in voting for a mayor and three trustees for four-year terms and one trustee for a two-year term. The mayor is elected for a two-year term. Petitions for candidates are being pared and will be available shortly.