Sheriff Blotter

Tuesday, Dec. 31

11 a.m. A man reported that he was housesitting for a friend when he observed a white Ford F250 with a blue stripe pull up in the driveway, he said a white male exited the vehicle and started telling the man that he knew the woman that lived at the residence and he came back to Colorado to visit her from Utah. The white male then started telling the man how the truck he was driving was stolen and then he said he was just kidding. The white male asked the man if he could stay at the residence for a few days. The man told the white male that he would need to get permission from the woman who owned the house, which he did. One night when the man went to check on the woman’s house the man was logged onto facebook using a different last name. The man remembered that the white male had said he stole the truck. The man’s suspicions arose further when the man asked him for Oxycontin. The man said that is when he called police to report a stolen vehicle. The police ran the plates on the white Ford F250 pick up with the blue stripe on it and discovered that the truck did not belong to the white male and that the plates were out of Utah. The white male was arrested and was charged with Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

7:45 p.m. An officer was asked to contact Cortez Dispatch in regards to a recovered stolen gun. Cortez Dispatch received a fax message from Montrose County Sheriff’s Office, asking to confirm a stolen gun from Feb. 24, 1994. Cortez Dispatch confirmed the entry. The officer filled out a cancellation form for the listed gun. The officer called the owner at the last known contact number but the number was disconnected. The officer made several other attempts to contact the owner with no success.

Wednesday, Jan. 1

7:08 p.m. An officer responded to MC RD G in reference to one male with three warrants. Once at the residents the officer spoke with the roommate. The roommate told the officer that the man did not live there. The officer asked the roommate if he could look through the residence to confirm the man was not located there; consent was given to enter the residence. Once in the residence, the officer observed a shadow going away from him in the hallway. The officer began giving verbal commands and asked the person to step out to him. The man complied and was placed into custody. The man was taken to the jail and was booked for the three warrants.

Thursday, Jan. 2

9:52 a.m. While patrolling northbound in the 3000 block of Hwy 160 an officer was following a silver Ford Fusion. The officer asked dispatch to check the registration. Dispatch told the officer the registration was invalid due to a mandatory insurance suspension. The officer initiated a traffic contact with the driver. The man provided the officer with an Arizona driver’s license and an expired insurance card. The man was issued a summons for Financial Responsibility/Insurance.

Saturday, Jan. 4

12:43 p.m. While patrolling in the 1300 block of Road N. an officer observed a silver Ford Focus traveling westbound. The vehicle stopped and turned around in front of the patrol car and the officer noticed he knew the driver of the vehicle. The officer confirmed with dispatch that the driver had a revoked license. The officer contacted the driver who said he was driving for his friend who had been drinking. The officer issued him a citation for DUR/Revoked. The man was cited and released.

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