Police Blotter

Thursday, Jan. 2

2:31 p.m. An officer was requested to return a call about a stolen Christmas package. The woman stated her mother had sent via FedEx a package containing Christmas gifts to her but when she did not receive the package she called her mother to confirm the address and realized the package was sent to her neighbors house. The woman said she went to ask the neighbor about the package and he said he had called FedEx to pick up the package because the name on it was unfamiliar to him. The woman said she then called FedEx and asked them if they picked the package up but they could not confirm they did. The officer went to speak with the neighbor who told him that he saw the package and that his sister might know where it is but she was not home at the time. The man then told the officer that he saw the package and left it outside because he thought there was a bomb in it and he thought FedEx would see it and pick it back up. The man was issued a summons for theft.

Monday, Jan. 6

8:58 p.m. Dispatch aired a disturbance in progress on Oak Street. As the officer was responding dispatch told him a female was in the residence throwing things at other people and was possibly coming down from some type of controlled substance. The officer arrived and met two males who told the officer, “She is in the bedroom” the officer knocked on the door and announced himself as a police officer. Something heavy struck the door and the officer heard a woman yell. The officer opened the door and told her not to throw anything else at him. The officer asked the woman what was going on and she loudly said, “F*** you”. The officer could tell that the woman was not going to be cooperative so he detained her. The officer spoke to the woman’s family who said for the past two days they did not know where she was and they had reported her missing to the police. They said she came home upset and started throwing things and yelling. They were concerned for her health and wanted her to get medical attention. The officer also spoke with a child who said that her mom left for a while and then came back and started throwing things at her daddy. The woman was charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief.