Thank you for the Pigskin Picks!

To the Prophetic Pigskin Pickster Prognosticator:

Just a note to say “Many Thanks” for providing another year of weekly football contests to occupy some of your readers’ time, as well as, keeping some of us off the streets and out of trouble with our wives!

The Real McCoy Family of Dolores always enjoy your annual contests while trying to out-do one-another with our weekly guesses … or as we often refer to our entries – “crap shoots” because no one knows for certain which NFL teams will show up to play each week.

In the past, we’ve enjoyed weekly multiple winners and knowing the results of your contests earlier in the week.

However, I fully understand the need to maintain tight budgets, as well as, meeting publication deadlines.

Again, thank you for your efforts this season, as well as providing us with your lighthearted counsel each week. The Journal’s football contests have been fun to participate in, and honestly make watching the weekly NFL games much more entertaining for us!

Have a great new year ahead!

The McCoys