City seeks public comments tonight

Public comments on a proposed hotel, gas station, rent-to-own business and floodplain ordinance are all slated to be heard at tonight’s city council meeting.

A series of public hearings is included on tonight’s 7:30 p.m. agenda. One involves approval of a site development plan for a new Hampton Inn, the city’s first new hotel in decades. The 74-room hotel will be constructed on Hawkins Street, just east of the Holiday Inn Express.

Another public hearing is held prior to approving a site development plan to construct a fueling center in the parking lot of the existing Safeway Grocery Store at 1580 E. Main Street.

The property will also be up for public discussion as city leaders approve to vacate a right-of-way on Erin Street. The effort is aimed to allow Aaron’s, currently located at 2288 E. Main Street, to relocate next to Safeway.

The final public hearing on Tuesday is held as council members look to amend the flood hazard ordinance section of the land use code. The city is required to repeal and replace a portion of the land use code to comply with new floodplain management provisions.

Other agenda items include authorizing an agreement to provide building inspection services for the Town of Dolores, approving a $44,000 janitorial contract at the Cortez Recreation Center and reappointing members to the Cortez Historical Preservation Board.