Art Beat Dian's back, and on top of art news in Mancos

I'm back!

It's so nice to back at the keyboard after a prolonged absence. I want to thank everyone for their kind words and deeds. For all of you - I had brain surgery in Littleton in November - and I have been recuperating ever since. I'm on the road to recovery, and hope to see and talk to you all about art and other matters. I'm just about ready to plunge full force into the art community.

Changes at the arts council

After holding the president's position for four years, I have turned our that post to two very talented and capable folks - Mailyn Kroeker and Jan Wright! They are neck-deep in the details and have planned out a year's worth of shows at the Mancos Town Gallery, plus plotting out our 2014 events. One big piece of news is that the Great Mancos Arts Roundup Studio Tour will be a two-day affair this year. We haven't nailed down a date yet, but definitely in mid-June. Last year's event was tremendously successful - the artists did well, and the event garnered people from Farmington to Bluff, Utah. Here's to an even more successful 2014!

At the Mancos Town Gallery

The Members Show, a group show featuring only members of the Arts Council. If you are a member and want in to this show (opening reception will be on Friday, Feb. 7, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.), contact Jan Wright (970- 882-3031) or Marilyn Kroeker (970-533-7464) and make arrangements to get them your work. A limit of three works for all participants.

Veryl - growing and changing

Quoted from her Facebook post: "My work for the Masters 2014 (Autry Museum in LA February 1, 2014) is shipped! I am showing larger paintings for the first time, as well as introducing new subjects to the world of Western Art. I am a nervous wreck. Wish me luck!" We do wish you luck at the Autry, although your talent and enthusiasm will should carry you all the way to the top! Your fans love your new "doggie" passion.

Opened at Olio

One of my favorite artists, and people, Milt Beens, has opened a new show of landscapes at Olio. Milt paints in a traditional style, but his subject matter is as familiar as that old truck in the back of the barn. Treat yourself to an evening out with Jason's delicious food and Milt's lovely works.

I'm catching up with everything that's going on in town and beyond including everything cooking at the Mancos Times building. (More on this topic in columns to come!)

I am always looking for info on your art news, whether it's visual or audio. Let me know.

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