Sheriff Blotter

Tuesday, Jan. 7

3:10 p.m. Cortez Dispatch requested that an officer respond to a residence in reference to an assault. While en route, Cortez Dispatch advised that the suspect was leaving the scene in a tan Oldsmobile Sedan. An officer said he observed the tan Oldsmobile driving down the road. The officer made contact with the driver, who said she was the suspect’s mother and that she had just dropped her son off by some mailboxes. The woman agreed to meet the officers by the mailboxes. Once at the mailboxes, the woman said she did not know where her son was because he can really walk fast. The officer asked the woman if she was hiding her son, and she emphatically said no. The officer contacted the reporting party, who gave the officer an address where the suspect might be. The officer asked the woman several more times if she took her son to the address given. The woman said no that she doesn’t even know where that is and then repeated several times that she is not going to jail for anyone. The officer’s asked her if she would lead them to the address given and she said she would. The officer’s followed to woman down the road when she suddenly stopped and told the officer that she couldn’t remember which driveway it was. The officer told her that he knew she knew where her son was and to stop lying to him. The woman followed the police the rest of the way to the address given. The officer’s found the woman’s son in a camp trailer. He said there was a verbal argument at his mom’s house and he decided to leave. He said his mom drove him to the given address because they are family friends with the people that live there. The suspect had an active warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody. The woman was re contacted and was arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer.

5:14 a.m. An officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to a disturbance. Dispatch advised there was a female subject who was having a psychotic episode. On arrival the officer contacted the reporting party, she said a woman was a having a psychotic episode and was throwing things around her room and hitting the walls. The reporting party said at one point she was trying to calm the reporting party down and she kicked her in the stomach. The officer attempted to speak with the woman but she would not listen to anything he said and would constantly yell and interrupt anything he would say. The woman was arrested and charged with third degree assault, domestic violence and violation of a protection order.

9:05 a.m. An officer was dispatched to a report of a dogfight. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the reporting party, who stated she observed a Rottweiler attack the property owner’s dog. The woman said she was a caretaker for the owner, was in the residence when she heard a dog yelp, and she went outside and observed a large dog pinning the other dog to the ground by the head. The woman said she had to kick the Rottweiler to get the dogs to separate. The woman said she didn’t think that the dog needed to see a vet. The officer contacted the owner of the Rottweiler, who said that the woman’s dogs are always on his property chasing his horses and in his yard. The man was issued a summons for dog not under control.

Wednesday, Jan. 8

6:44 p.m. An officer caught up to a minivan and could not read the expiration month/year. The officer asked dispatch to check the registration status. Dispatch advised the officer that the registration was invalid for M/I suspension. The officer conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver and two females in the vehicle. The officer requested that dispatch check the driver’s license status and all occupants for warrants. The driver was clear and valid. One of the passengers had an outstanding warrant and the other had a non-extraditable warrant out of New Mexico. The officer re-contacted the driver and advised him to call someone to drive the vehicle as he had consumed alcohol and was near driving while ability impaired. The passenger with the outstanding warrant was arrested.

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