'The lever that pried the autocracy loose'

To get a picture of World War I, went to the Nov. 15, 1918, issue of the Mancos Times-Tribune.

"Germany probably knows by this time that he who celebrates last celebrates best. Four dates you should remember in connection with the Great War if you would be regarded as a live number and in touch with the times. They are the date of the first declaration of war July 28, 1914. On April 6, 1917 the United States declared a state of war to exist between this country and Germany. July 18, 1918, the beginning of the Battle of Chateau-Therie, the beginning of the decisive battle of the war; and the last date is November 11, 1918, when the armistice was signed and the war virtually ceased.

"It was President Wilson who wielded the lever that pried the autocracy loose from the German people. Wilson saw from the beginning the cause of the Great War and when America was drawn into the conflict he promptly made the elimination of that cause the condition of absolute peace.

An untimely death

"The community was shocked to learn of the death of Mrs. Ida Hallar. She had been ill for some time but was reported getting along fine and her friends ceased to feel concern for her safety. Jesse Hallar, her husband, was in Denver but efforts to find him went without success. (Jesse married another woman and died in their home in Denver in March, 1922.)

Pneumonia death

"Word has come from Rico that Mrs. George Brittain died there last week from pneumonia following on the heels of influenza. There is left to mourn her passing a husband and three children. Also, her mother Mrs. James Caviness and two sisters Mrs. John Brittain and Miss Jessie Caviness and a brother Ray Caviness, who lives with his mother in Mancos. (Mrs. Caviness lost her husband in 1916.)

Fire in town

"Mr. W. L. Tingley had a blaze last week at his residence in the southeast part of town. The fire started from the heating stove while Mr. Tingley was outside. The fire had gained considerable headway when discovered. The fire boys however soon put it out.

Darrell Ellis is a longtime historian who lives in Mancos.