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Taken from the Jan. 25, 1974 files

of The Dolores Star

Local educators to visit Oregon schools

The Mancos and Dolores Career Education Program has received a special FEDERAL EXEMPLARY GRANT through the Colorado State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education to visit other career education sites. Seven educators from Mancos and Dolores visited schools in Portland, Salem, Southern and Eastern Oregon on a one-week tour from Jan. 14 to 18. The Mancos and Dolores representatives were part of a group of 30 Colorado Educators participating under the auspices of the Colorado Department of Education. The tour was planned by Miss Jeanne Werschke, Supervisor of Career Education for the Colorado Department of Education.

The three representatives from Mancos were: Wayne Peterson - Elementary School Principal and 5th grade teacher, Rod Powell - Math teacher, and Bill Ryter - Biology teacher, and from Dolores: Don Tomberlin - High School Principal, Joy Brandt - English teacher, John Misener - Math, and Dr. Bill Nelson - Career Education Director.