Sheriff Blotter

Saturday, Jan. 11

11:26 a.m. An officer was asked to call a woman in reference to a theft. The woman told the officer that she hired a man to re-roof her house. She told the officer that he completed the bid and charged her $6,430 up front to complete the roof. She stated $2,000 of the cash was supposed to be for labor. The woman said she called the man several times, and the last time she called he told her the roofing materials would be delivered by Slaven’s on Jan. 10. The woman said on Jan. 11 she began thinking and realized the materials were supposed to be delivered but had not been, so she called Slaven’s and they told her that there was no order in her name or the man’s name. The woman said she has tried to call the man several more times and he is not answering her calls. The officer made several attempts to contact the man and did not succeed. The officer will be placing a warrant for the man’s arrest on the charge of theft.

Wednesday, Jan. 15

11:59 a.m. An officer observed a man he knew from prior contacts walking out of Smitty’s Liquor Store. The officer knew the man was currently on pre-trial release with the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office, which has restrictions to no possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages. The officer contacted the man sitting in his truck in the parking lot. The officer asked the man what he was doing at the liquor store, and the man said he was visiting his friend. The officer asked him what his friend’s name was, and he said he couldn’t remember. The man said he did not have any alcohol in the vehicle. The officer asked the man to tell him the truth and he said he bought a shot of “Peppermint Schnapps.” The man stated that he knew he was restrained from possessing and consuming alcohol. The man was placed into custody, and the officer asked the male clerk in the liquor store if he knew the man arrested. The clerk said he did not know the man and that the man had purchased three shots of various liquors. The officer found the two other shots hidden in the man’s vehicle. The man was charged with violation of bond conditions and violation of a protection order.

Sunday, Jan. 19

9:42 a.m. While patrolling on Highway 160, an officer observed a teal Plymouth Sedan traveling 85 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. The officer activated his overhead lights and siren, and the vehicle did not yield. The vehicle was passing other vehicles on the right shoulder of the road. The vehicle was also passing where it was prohibited by a white line. The vehicle turned onto CR G where it reached speeds of 80 mph in a 40 mph zone. Due to the high speeds and total disregard for any citizens or occupants of the vehicle, the officer could not let the vehicle get back to the populated roads. The officer made a turn in front of the vehicle at very low speed and began to block the car from turning around. The driver noticed the officer and began to accelerate, making contact with the patrol vehicle. The driver then turned the wheels into the ditch and ended up in a large canal. The officer gave orders for the occupants to exit the vehicle with their hands up. Both occupants of the vehicle were juveniles. The driver of the vehicle said he was just scared and he thought if he could find a place to hide, the officer would just go passed him. The driver admitted to driving over 115 mph. The driver is being held on a felony hold for Vehicular Eluding, Child Abuse, Displayed Fictitious Number Plates, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment, Speeding 20-25 over and Violated Restriction on Drivers License.