Cortez Idol finalaists selected

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The top 20 finalists have been named for the 2nd Annual Cortez Idol competition. The winner receives a $1,000 cash prize.

More than 50 area singers auditioned for the competition over a two-week period. The top 20 finalists moving on to compete in the competition were announced late Wednesday following the second round of auditions.

The top 20 finalist include Chris Garcia, Brianna Van Rope, Branden Miller, Kate, Josie Sitton, Dan Mock, Koral Jackson, Kylee Sitton, Kelsie Dunham, Madison Sitton, Linella Miller, Lynda Cordova, Marla Sitton, Nate Mayfield, Misty Spore, Megan Demars, Rhed Leonard, Troy Hicks, Tegan Duncan and Whitney Dunham.

In the first round of competition on Jan. 29, finalists are required to sing any song they choose from the 1980s. The competition, hosted by Blondie’s Trophy Room on Main Street, starts at 8 p.m.

After the first round, a panel of judges will narrow the pool of singers from 20 to 15. The second round on Feb. 5, will feature songs from 1990s country. Following that round, three other singers will be eliminated.

The third round on Feb. 12, will feature tunes from Elton John. The top nine competitors will advance.

The fourth round on Feb. 19 requires competitors to sing two songs. One must be a hip-hop tune and the other must feature a song by a deceased artist.

The fifth round on Feb. 26, featuring the top six competitors, will require singers to chose a 1970s-era pop or rock song as well as a tune from a movie soundtrack.

The top three singers will then compete in the final round on March 5, for the $1,000 cash prize. Competitors will sing three tunes that night, including one of their choice, a judge’s selection and a 2013-recorded tune.