Cortez Animal Shelter committed to care, rescue, placement

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A small six-year-old Blue Heeler resided at the Cortez Animal Shelter for more than a month waiting for her forever home. No one showed any interest until I came in with my dog for a meet and greet. We came back several times. On Sept. 20, 2012, Abby came home with me. The Cortez Animal Shelter saved and cared for this beautiful dog until she was adopted.

I was so impressed with the dedicated staff at the shelter and the cleanliness of the facility that in October 2012, I began volunteering. I walk dogs and help socialize cats and kittens. During this time I have seen the inner workings of the shelter.

Did you know that the Cortez shelter is part of a network of shelters and rescues? Cats and dogs are transported to places where their adoption is more likely or they are guaranteed life-long care. Because of our senior population, smaller dogs are often transported to Cortez. Did you know that cats and dogs that need full-time medical care or some behavioral guidance are fostered? Often this special care is done by staff members.

It is my hope I have erased any misconceptions you might have about the Cortez Animal Shelter. They are all about rescuing, caring for and finding homes for animals in need. The shelter does need volunteers. Your time at the shelter will be well-spent and self-satisfying. Plus, you will be making some lucky animals very happy.

Ann Elmore