Our deepest gratitude

We would like to express out deep gratitude to all of our friends, co-workers (MCHP and Ute Mountain Tribe), neighbors and family who supplied support to us at the time our only child, Jessie’s death.

Thanks for all of the cards, visits, meals, flowers (we received beautiful blue and white flowers without a card, so thank you and please let us know if you sent them) and prayers. Thank you to the Senior Center for the use of the annex building and to the Ute Mountain Pottery for the beautiful Urn. Thank you to Ken and Lou Anne Carlson for providing our out of state relatives with a beautiful place to stay. Also, thanks to David Knight Eagle and Jill Carlson for providing their musical talents at Jessie’s service.

We want to especially thank our neighbors, Jim and Claudia Applin who came over to be with us that day and to all of our neighbors who have helped us. We also want to thank the ambulance crew and the officers from the Sheriff’s department especially officer Claxton who also stayed with us during that time.

It is so hard for us to believe that Jessie is gone. She was the light of our lives for 23 years. The kindness that has been shown to us is amazing.

The staff at the Montezuma County Health Department arrived at our house a few days after the service with truckloads of wood. More than a dozen people were unloading, splitting and stacking wood. We were so overwhelmed at their kindness. They brought us enough wood to last us for the winter. It was very difficult to get back to doing the simplest things such as shopping.

Thank you to the man at City Market who reached the Propel from the top shelf for me. It was my first venture back to the store and I felt that I could not breathe until your act of kindness made me relax.

Everything in our lives has changed. I have received multiple hugs from people in this community while shopping at Wal-Mart, Safeway, City Market, and IFA. Hugs seem to help the most. Thank you to each and every one of you for giving us those hugs.

Some people have told me that they are afraid that if they say something to Randy or I, they will say the wrong thing. The truth is, to us, nothing can be the wrong thing. We know that if you care enough to approach us, that act is what matters. If you cry, we will cry with you. If you want to tell one of those wildly, funny Jessie stories, we will laugh with you. And as I have said, those hugs are priceless.

Thanks also to my neighbors, the Bridgewaters and Carters who gave me my first angel ornaments for my Christmas tree after I had decided to decorate it with only angels in remembrance of Jessie. We will leave the tree up as long as we need too. It makes our day better when we look at all of those angels. As of now, we have been given 65 angels for the tree.

Each one is very special to us and makes us smile. We live in a wonderful community. Thank you to all of you for touching our lives with concern and kindness.

Randy and Jeanne Garbesi