Sheriff Blotter

Tuesday, Jan. 21

5:57 p.m. An officer was requested to respond to a residence in reference to a dog causing the reporting party to fall in the roadway. The woman said she was walking in a bar ditch near her house when she reached the cul-de-sac, two dogs crossed the road and ran toward her, growling. The dogs came from a neighbor’s house. She described one dog as a large yellow lab and the other as a black in color lab mix. The woman attempted to get back on the roadway and run back to her residence to get away from the dogs. In her haste to escape she fell on the road and scuffed her left hand and knees. The officer observed several small abrasions and scratches on Hampton’s left hand. The woman made it back home without further incident. The woman advised that her neighbor might have seen some of the incident. The officer spoke with the neighbor who said she observed the two dogs running toward the woman. The officer contacted the owner at her residents and she agreed that her dogs were outside of her property. She said if her dogs were chasing anyone she did not see it and furthermore, it would only have been to get attention. The owner of the dogs was given a summons for Dog not under control first offense.

Thursday, Jan. 23

7:19 p.m. An officer was dispatched to a house in reference to criminal mischief. The officer spoke with the reporting party who said he found a bullet lodged in the wall of his home. The bullet entered the exterior wall, passed through the bathroom mirror and passed through the bathroom door. The bullet continued through the foyer and lodged into the east wall of the room. The man said at approximately 5:00 p.m. his and his wife were working in their garage and heard gunfire near the property but since target shooting was not uncommon they were not alarmed. The officer also spoke with the man’s daughter who said she was sitting in the living room and said she heard a loud noise but did not know what it was. At 7:00 p.m. the man entered the bathroom and observed pieces of glass on the floor, he observed that the mirror appeared to be shot and the damage to his house would be $1000. The officer advised the man that a follow up would be completed during daylight. At this time there are no known suspects. Investigation to continue.

Saturday, Jan. 25

12:32 a.m. Dispatch advised an officer that they had received a 911 hang up call. While responding, dispatch advised the officer of another call they received with the caller stating that a man had just kicked in the door to his mother’s residence. Within in a few minutes dispatch told the officer that they received another 911 call with a woman screaming, “Put the knife down”. While the officer was approaching the residence he observed a young man step out the front door, look in his direction and take off running northbound away from the residence. The officer prepared a K9 Viko to begin tracking the man. After speaking to the mans mother the officer was able to determine an assault had not taken place inside the residence and that the man had made a verbal threat to hurt himself with a pocket knife he had in his hand. The officer was unsuccessful in tracking the man down. The man’s mother said she was not sure if she wanted to pursue charges on her son for kicking the door open. The officer advised the woman that he would be back on duty at 8 p.m. and that she would check to see if she wanted to pursue charges or not. The officer attempted to contact the woman by telephone with no luck.

8:36 a.m. While patrolling on Highway 160 an officer saw a white pickup, matching the description of a pickup he was looking for because it was associated with a person who has a felony warrant. The officer caught up to the pickup and stopped and asked the driver if she had a minute to talk. The officer asked the woman if she was the only one in the vehicle and the woman said she was. The officer believed that the woman also had a warrant. The officer told the woman that he was trying to locate somebody with a felony warrant. The woman said she hadn’t seen the male for a while. The officer told the woman she had a warrant after confirming with dispatch. The woman was arrested.