Anti-pot advocates employ tired, old arguments

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Thanks to the wonderful Rocky Mountain voters, our decades-old debate about pot is no longer so one-sided. I am pleased to hear some fresh negativity from our old school leaders. We have come far since blaming pot for making black people rape white woman.

Still we have the tired old, “won’t some one please think of the children!” OK, let’s! Second-hand pot smoke for example: It depends on which type of device one uses for smoking, if one decides to indeed smoke it.

I also can’t help but notice Utah is suffering from extreme pollution. Due to the high pressure system, even rural Utah looks like a Chinese city. Veterinarians claim an increase of respiratory problems among Utah pets.

Experts say the rural pollution is mostly from drilling. I am sure our concerned populace will abolish this ASAP! I mean won’t someone please think of the children!

A 114 percent increase in accidents involving pot? You do know it stays in your system for about a month right?

Luckily we all seem to agree that when teens use pot they are much better off in jail with violent offenders and meth addicts, under the fine watchful care of Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office. What was in the mugs during that old west party our town enjoyed? I assume nobody drove home while our sheriff dealt blackjack.

Colin Kinkade