Athlete of the week: Nicole Demby

Nicole Demby Enlargephoto

Nicole Demby

Any athlete who plays long enough is bound to sustain an injury and for Montezuma-Cortez junior Nicole Demby, that injury came at the worst time.

Primed to enter her junior season as the star of the M-CHS basketball team, Demby suffered a knee injury that has kept her off the court this season.

Rather than lamenting her hard luck however, Demby has continued to play a vital role on her team, contributing in every way that she can.

“It has been awesome seeing the game from a new perspective,” said Demby. “I’m trying to remain optimistic and do everything that I can.”

In addition to cheering from the bench during games, Demby, a 4.0 student, has worked with teammates to ensure that their grades remain high.

A stellar student, Demby hopes to one day attend Colorado School of Mines and pursue an engineering degree.

While a return date for the junior remains unclear, there is a chance that she could return this season. If a return proves impossible however, Demby may compete for the M-CHS tennis team, where she played No. 3 singles last year.

As for her goals for the basketball team’s future, Demby discussed her desire for team-wide cohesiveness and winning results.

“I want to have a winning record and get everyone to work together,” said Demby. “We need to play well together and understand what’s going on.”

Until she returns to the court however, Demby will undoubtedly continue to positively impact her team while simultaneously serving her school and community proud.