Dolores 80 years ago

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Taken from the Feb. 9, 1934, files of the Dolores Star

Editorial Comments

Then there is the fellow who thinks that what he thinks is public opinion.

If justice were done in the courts there would be little provocation for mob violence.

A writer hits the nails when he says: Men are mostly jackasses and Mae West proves it.

Ground hog, or no ground hog, it is indeed hard to find fault with this winter weather.

The best time to advertise is like the best time to make love - NOW. And hurry before the other fellow beats you to it.

Germany wants Austria, which is the making of another world war. Maybe America will stay out, but we doubt it.

There is nothing wrong with the future prospects of Montezuma and Dolores counties. Our farm and grazing lands, mines and timber are an unbeatable combination.

Marion Talley has returned to grand opera. Marion said when she quit opera and went to the farm that she would never sing again There are plenty of folks who would like to quit farming and go to opera - if they could.