Sheriff’s Blotter

Monday, Jan. 27

5:04 a.m. An officer was requested to respond to Hwy 160 for a suspicious incident involving a female whose hand had lacerations. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the injured woman who said she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend and he kicked her out. She said she walked on the highway to another residence because her grandfather used to live there, but no longer does. The officer asked the woman who her boyfriend was and where the incident took place and she shook her head no. The woman asked for medics to respond and she was transported to Southwest Memorial Hospital for treatment. While at the ER the officer heard the EMT say to the nurse that the woman told him that she was hit in the face and had cut her hand on glass while getting away. The officer approached the woman again and asked her what happened and who the other party was that was involved. She again shook her head no. The officer gave the woman his business card and advised her if she decided she wanted to speak then to call him.

2:19 p.m. An officer responded to a residence for an accident with property damage. Dispatch told the officer an unoccupied vehicle rolled through the fence. Upon arrival the officer observed a truck that had rolled forward down a driveway and through a fence. There was a tree post that was bent, a wooden post that had broke, and the fence was under the truck. The officer contacted the reporting party and she told him that she arrived home at 12:15 p.m. from town and saw the trick in her neighbor’s driveway. At 2:15 p.m. she noticed the truck had rolled out of the driveway and had went into her other neighbor’s field. The officer attempted to contact the owner of the truck and was unable to. He also tried to contact the property owner of the fence and was also unable to. The officer called several numbers in attempt to speak to both parties and was unsuccessful.

5 p.m. An officer contacted a woman about two dogs being abandoned. The woman said her neighbor moved out of his residence sometime in December of 2013 and left behind his two pit bull mix dogs. She said she had not seen anyone go to the residence to give the dog’s food or water. The woman said the dogs go to her house for food and that she is concerned for the dogs because they are very skinny. The officer responded to the residence and observed a black and white dog limping on its right back leg that was very skinny and its ribs were starting to show. It appeared that the dog had puppies somewhere in the area. The officer followed the dog to three couches behind the residence and observed another dog that was dead and very skinny. Around the dead dog were six puppies that were approximately three weeks old. The officer knocked on the door of the residence and there was no answer. Looking through the windows he could tell that the residence was empty. The officer took pictures of the dogs and then took the black and white dog and the six puppies to the animal shelter. The officer will continue to try to contact the man that last lived in the residence to see if the dogs belonged to him.

Wednesday, Jan. 29

6 p.m. Cortez dispatch requested an officer contact a woman by phone because she wanted to report her 16 year-old daughter as a runaway from her residence. The woman said that her daughter had recently been in trouble for shoplifting and is currently in a Diversion Program. The woman said that her daughter has run away before, but not for so long, and she always knew where she was. This last Saturday, Jan. 25 the woman said she was at home and her daughter didn’t come home, she said she found out her daughter was staying with one of her friends but only knew the friend’s first name. On Jan. 29 the mother received a test from a friend indicating that she left the woman’s daughter with an unknown male subject. The woman’s daughter does not have a cell phone and was last seen wearing brown and black leggings and a green sweater. The officer checked the daughters school attendance and they advised him that she had not attended school so far that week. The officer entered the 16 year-old female as missing.