Overburdened workers will unite and rebel

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I can’t believe the latest coming out of the government about Obamacare after the Congressional Budget Office said Obamacare will cost more than 2 million jobs. Now losing your job will be liberating and allow you to keep the taxpayer subsidy for your insurance.

Say what? Even the New York Times is jumping on this bandwagon that holding down a job, working to better yourself and get a better wage is no longer necessary. Shake off those chains and just let all the working slobs pay your way.

I’m 72 and I’m one of those working slobs paying exorbitant taxes to pay for those lazy worthless people who think that everyone else should take care of them.

This is what Obama has brought us to. Do you really think this can work? Do you really want to depend on others all your life and teach your children to do the same? Eventually the workers paying their way and others’ will rebel and it won’t be pretty.

Catherine Spencer