Thank you for the experience

Dear Tanya,

Please convey my most sincere thanks to the Mancos School Principal and elementary teachers for allowing me the awesome privilege of articulating some of the history of African-Americans.

I sincerely hope this provided even more awareness of Martin Luther King Jr.'s mission and non-violent resistance to segregation.

I already told you Tanya, but it deserves repeating; after the two Monday's of classes, I was truly impressed with the familiarity the children already had of slavery, slave life-styles, racial inequality and resistance to segregation. These subjects were never taught when I was in any school.

I noticed the quotes on many walls in the school that stated numerous positive feelings and actions of caring, friendship, tolerance and understanding.

I'm not sure who benefited the most - the students or myself. I was so energized I could barely stop sharing the experience with my husband and friends!

If it would be beneficial for me to share experiences of the depression and/or World War II, just let me know - I am available.

Yours truly,

Gloria Thatch-Woody, Mancos