The Chamber Mancos has a community calendar

Good communication is a topic that people often complain about in our little valley. Now there is the potential for improvement.

A community calendar is now posted at the Chamber of Commerce website. Go to On the left side of the page is a tab for events. When you click on the tab, next click on "community calendar." Many events are already on the calendar.

Folks in the community may contribute to events. When you pull up the calendar, you will see near the top a tab for "suggest event." If you click on that, you will be able to contribute an event that will be reviewed by the Chamber of Commerce and added to the calendar. The calendar will not post sales events for businesses. However, if a business is having a special event like entertainment, that will be posted. If in doubt, call the Chamber at 970-533-7434.

As with any new resource, it may take us some time to learn how to use it.

What is especially exciting about the calendar is that it will soon be posted at the Mancos Public Library and Town of Mancos websites. Activities at the Library and Town Hall will be included. We hope that the calendar will help with planning and avoid conflict with other organizations' activities. The calendar may open opportunities for people to expand events through collaboration.

Call the Chamber at 970-533-7434 with questions or email