Dolores 80 years ago

Taken from the Feb. 16, 1934 files of The Dolores Star

Dog saves life if aged man, victim of bull

At least one Montezuma County citizen can truthfully say that he owes his life to a dog.

It was just an ordinary farm dog, of no special breed or pedigree, but it saved the life of S.M. Rentz, aged father of Mrs. C.N. Morrison, as he was in danger of being battered to death by an angry bull.

Mr. Rentz, who makes his home with C.N. Morrison, on Summit Ridge, had been warned that the bull was dangerous, but Thursday morning of last week as he was doing chores in the barn the bull attacked Mr. Rentz, knocking him down in the barn and bruising him about the face and body. The dog, seeing Mr. Rentz' predicament, attacked the bull from the rear biting the animals heels and legs, causing the bull to turn his attention to the dog long enough for Mr. Rentz to escape.

Fortunately, the bull, of the Jersey breed, had been dehorned.

Mr. Rentz is being cared for at the Morrison home, and unless complications set in, will be out in a few days.

The dog, as was stated before, has never won any blue ribbons, but it's a safe bet that it would take a mighty pile of money to buy it.