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Armed robber pleads guilty in jewelry heist

A New Mexico man is likely to be sentenced to a maximum 10-year prison sentence after an armed jewelry heist last fall.

Ivan Martin, 26, of Farmington pleaded guilty to second-degree assault with intent to cause serious bodily harm on Thursday, Feb. 6. Under the terms of the plea deal, Martin could receive up to a 10-year prison sentence.

“I’ll tentatively accept the plea deal pending a pre-sentence investigation,” said Chief District Court Judge Doug Walker.

The case stems from a Sept. 11 armed robbery near the Ute Mountain Casino. Court records reveal Martin and Robert Rodriguez, 39, of Glendale, Ariz., were charged with aggravated robbery in the case. Rodriguez is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 20.

Documents reveal that Martin told investigators that Rodriguez suggested they rob the victim and he was the triggerman.

The victim escaped the robbery by jumping from a moving vehicle on Highway 491, suffering a gunshot wound to the right shoulder and severe road rash.

Car thief sentenced after steps betray him

A 39-year-old convicted car thief was sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail and two years’ probation.

District Court Judge Todd Plewe imposed the sentence against Shadrach Mykytiuk of Mancos on Monday, Feb. 10. Mykytiuk pleaded guilty last month after attempting to steal two trucks late last year.

Court records reveal Mykytiuk stole a 2001 Dodge pickup from the P&D Grocery on Oct. 30. He was apprehended after footprints in the snow led to a witness.

Court records reveal Mykytiuk was again charged with motor vehicle theft on Dec. 1. He reportedly stole a 1998 Dodge Ram pickup from his father’s business, Gary’s Automotive. He reportedly drove it until it broke down on Highway 160, at which time he called to turn himself in.

Both vehicles were returned to the owners.

Tobie Baker